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Sully: Path to Glory

Sully is a prince. The prince of a "demonic" kingdom. Understand that every inhabitant of this kingdom is a demon at varying degrees. And that kingdom is under attack from pesky angora bunnies. And the king, as the King, does nothing to protect his country.

That's when our hero decides it is HIS time to shine! And so, Sully goes for the trip of a lifetime, following the track of clues and enemy troops across the country, trying to get recognition on the way.

"Path to glory" serves as an introduction to the "Sully and Damien"(S&D) Universe; a(n old) personal project with a comical tone, that explores boyhood and ambitions, in the face of "reality" (a little bent reality, I know), family, friends and other opposing or allied forces.

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Dispensable MVC

As dispensable as this website, this is a personal MVC framework I made after a year working with another MVC derived from Cake PHP2 (Yes, it is that far gone), but without the helpers.

The V and the C are quite functioning here, though they have not been pentested, the M has never been made because I hadn't worked much with ORMs at the time, and as I was planning to make silly things with my Model until I discovered Symphony and Doctrine.

And that was it of this project. I mean, who needs another PHP framework after all? But still, it was a really nice thing to work on.

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On Rail Shooter Editor

Just as the name says, this is a project for an On Rail Shooter editor.

Starfox and Time Crisis fans should be happy to be able to make their own game with little efforts, when this project comes onto the store as expected.

I have been working on this project for almost a year now (sporadically, mostly because life) and I have been planning to make it for much longer (a decade maybe, about when the Wii launched). And I am more than happy to see what I have accomplished with it.

It is not perfect, not exactly user-friendly yet, but still, it works pretty well.

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Knock Me Out

(Before you go go)(working title)

Is a POC for a boxing game in the vein of "Punch Out!!" and "WindJammers";

"Wait, What? Punch Out!!, okay, I get it, but WindJammers? What does it have in common with boxing?"

Well, the question is more about what it DOESN'T have in common. Knock Me Out is to boxing what WindJammers is to Ultimate and Frisbee games in general:

Not exactly faithfull to its source material.

So, it's still two people punching each other in shorts and gloves, but take out the rounds, the timer, the points, add special attacks and tornados, and you should get what this game is about...

... strategy?

Let me try!